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Peaceful Pilates operates from this simple mantra.

Rare is it in this world to find a place which provides such encompassing feelings of welcoming, peace, and happiness.  After several years of working in this exact space which has brought forth so much emotion, Debbie Kieley could not fathom walking away from a place that has spoken to her so deeply.


As the previous owner of this Studio transitions to their new life adventure, the thought of having to shutter the doors and move on was not one Debbie desired to even contemplate.  “This special place needed to live on for myself, all of our current patrons, and for those yet to join us!” says Debbie, expressing the passion for her craft.  Continuing the energy and legacy imparted by her predecessor is of the utmost importance to the mission of our Studio.


While the name may have changed, the passion to deliver the highest quality experience for all who enter our doors remains the same – find peace in mind and body to shape ourselves to reach the apex of our potential.

“Peaceful for the mind; Peaceful for the Body.”

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